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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic method that focuses on improving specific behaviors, such as social skills, communication, reading, and academics, as well as adaptive learning skills, such as fine and gross motor dexterity, hygiene, grooming, domestic capabilities, punctuality, and job competence. ABA is effective for children and adults with underlying psychological disorders in a variety of settings, including schools, workplaces, homes, and clinics. Research shows that consistent ABA can significantly improve behaviors and skills, decrease the need for special services, and enhance independent living skills. ABA therapy aims to apply our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase helpful behaviors and decrease harmful behaviors that affect learning and independence.


A woman and child sitting on the floor

ABA Therapy Program

(0 years -13 years)

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School Consultation

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Adult Independent Living Skills Program

(18+ years)

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Early Intervention

(Birth – 3 Years Old)

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Parent Support and Training Workshops

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Organizational Behavior Management

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Professional Development Workshops

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Contracting and Consultation Services

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