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Hello ABC Pathways Families! 

Welcome to our informational platform where you will find the latest news and program updates.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as your Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Liaison to many resources to enhance the development and skill level of your children.  

ABC Pathways is dedicated to the focus of your children’s behavioral goals and skills development.  We’re also devoted to the support and education of our parents.  Parents, you’re not alone!  Educated and supported parents contribute to the growth of children’s development and positive outcomes. 

It is an honor and privilege to have been chosen to provide behavior and educational services to your children.  My commitment to you is that your family will be treated with respect, equality, and sensitivity.  There is principle and virtue that come with our commitment and my goal is to bring nothing but integrity to a field that was created to promote positive behavior change, increase independence, and help children with autism live their best possible lives.

I, with extreme gratitude, WELCOME YOU to our ABC Pathways Family.